We're back and with 2 brand new baby buns!

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Aug 16, 2006
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Victoria, Australia
Hello everyone, its been a long time (2007) since I was last on here talking about my beautiful little fella Thumper the tan rabbit who flew from Switzerland to Malta and then found a girlfriend in France and went to live with her there until the end of his happy days. It's so moving to see his photos still on here. He was such a precious little guy.
We now live in Australia and have added two children and a weimaraner to our family! But we always knew we'd come back to bunnies! And just four days ago we brought home two little rescue bunnies from a local shelter and they are SWEET as pie! They are two brothers from a litter of seven and are full-sized lop bunnies. Compared to Thumps these guys seem just huge! And they're only 3.5 months old!! The shelter gave them a great start and neutered and microchipped them early and kept them with Mum & siblings right up till adoption. We've built them a large custom-made enclosure in our living room for when we're out or the dog is inside and just yesterday they came out for their first roam around the living room.
They already appear very relaxed, flopping in front of us, even outside their enclosure, touching noses with the dog through the wire and loafing and closing their eyes, following us around begging for treats, and getting in the odd binky to show us they feel good. The kids (7 & nearly 9) are being very gentle and patient with them as well and so far everything seems to be running smoothly.
I just have one question which is different from life with Thumper: these guys soil their sleeping area every night. Thumpy NEVER did this. They otherwise took very quickly to their litter trays, which are big and filled with yummy hay, and never go anywhere else during the day, but at night... they poo everywhere. We get up in the morning to a real mess, the sticky black cecaly kind and because they're sleeping in it they're a real mess too. Thumper never really had a bed, he just had his towel that he liked or else flopped on the floor, but these guys both pooed and weed in the towel we gave them the first night. We thought they were confused about the towel so removed it, thinking they'd go back to the litter boxes, but nope, at night it seems that anything goes when it comes to poo!
We've been patiently scraping it all up and putting it in the litter trays so they know that's where it's supposed to go, but so far it hasn't made any difference. I know these guys were neutered nice and early and I know they have a lovely big enclosure and great litter boxes... is it just because they're babies?
Thanks for your thoughts everyone, and it's great to be back!
Alanna, Cullum, Nova & Atlas, Shakespeare the weimaraner and Popcorn & Fifi the lops!

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