Urinating everywhere.

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Nov 9, 2020
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Hey all,

I am in desperate need for some advice.

I currently have 2 rabbits. 1 male and 1 female. The male is just over 1 years old, the female is around 6 months old. Both have had the ops (Neutered/spayed).

Our male rabbit has been free roaming in our living room for the past 4 months and is doing fantastically. Fully litter trained and has never urinated outside of his box.
Our female was kept in a separate room and was initially in a dog pen. We later removed the pen and allowed her to free roam in that room. They were kept in separate rooms but were allowed to meet each other when supervised through the bars of a gate. They were kept separate until she had her OP and had fully recovered.

Over the past 4 weeks we have started bonding them and it has gone fantastically. We started in our bathroom as it was nice and small and we could intervene easily if needed & slowly increased their bonding space as signs of a good bond have appeared. They happily share greens together, sleep together, copy each others behaviour like cleaning and often weren't even bothered about each others existence. We decided to take the plunge and allow her in the living room with our supervision. Again, it went fantastically. Our male wasn't bothered about her being around. She used his litter box, drank from his bowls and settled brilliantly.

3 days ago he started grooming her and she reciprocated. I couldn't have been happier. We decided to go for it and let her spend the night in the living room with him (I stayed in there with them on the sofa). The first night went brilliantly.
Until yesterday... She now will not stop peeing everywhere. On the Sofa, on our rug, in our hallway, in our kitchen etc. It took her about 2 weeks to litter train in her original room and even then, she only weed in 2 spots outside of her litter box. This current situation seems totally random.

I assume this is a territorial thing. The room smells of our male rabbit and she is trying to leave her mark. I would love some advice on how to rein this back in. I am currently soaking up the excess urine on a paper towel and placing it in her litter box and any stray poos I do the same. I then use an anti bac rabbit spray that removes the odour and cleans the spot that she has peed on. I added a second litter box in the opposite corner of the room in case the shared litter box is a tad small.

Any advice would be amazing :)


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Sep 10, 2012
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Too much new space too quickly. And soft things. I would reduce space again, make sure the litter habits have returned to normal, then more gradually expand the space to try and minimize the territorial marking that tends to happen. Only expand further when litter habits are good in the slightly expanded space. Soft things, well, slow expansion may work, or not. Some rabbits just will never be able to resist peeing on soft things.


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