URGENT PLEASE HELP Rabbit peeing everywhere but his litter box, wet legs and bottom

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Jun 9, 2021
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Hi, sorry if this is posted in the wrong area or something but I have a 2 year old holland lop. He’s been litter trained for almost a year now and very recently he’s started peeing outside of his litter box and laying in the puddle urine before i find it and clean it up. I was wondering if anyone knew the reason/a fix? He’s always been a bit of a brat honestly and he doesn’t like warm weather as much so that may be why? I dont think he has a urine infection as hes fine with everything else. He’s still pooping in his litter box but not peeing in it. I’ve tried my best to clean it as much as I can whenever I see it and I also have tried to wipe his feet/butt but he gets antsy after too long so it may still be a little wet. Is there anything I can do to clean him better besides a bath (I feel like he will be very scared and not react well to it)? And also do any of you know the reason as to why this is happening? He’s never had previous health issues. Thank you for the help.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Sometimes if you make changes to a rabbits environment or bring a new pet into your home, this can cause territorial marking behavior. But if there haven't been any changes to your home or your rabbits area, then I would be looking at a potential health issue. Most common cause would be a UTI and/or bladder sludge. The parasite e. cuniculi can also sometimes cause urinary incontinence. So I would suggest having your bun checked by a knowledgeable rabbit vet right away.

If you have to bathe him because his bum is soaked with urine and he's at risk of getting urine scald, I would only do a butt bath, carefully and drying thoroughly. More of a bath than that, can cause a rabbit to go into shock or cardiac arrest in some instances. When in doubt, always consult with a rabbit vet first. The best thing is to figure out the cause and treat the problem so the urine scalding will stop.



Jun 21, 2021
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St. Paul
A good trick when they aren’t using the litter box is the decrease the size of their enclosure mainly at night. It reduces the places they can per other than the box. I also hang a hay bag over the litter box so they don’t end of peein or pooping on the hay. They’ll also have more room to comfortably sit in the box while they eat.


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