Update good & bad! New bunnies!

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Jul 29, 2013
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I don't know if many of you will remember me, but its been a looooong time since I've been active on here. I had the chocolate rex that I took in from a pet store that I worked at.

Well to update he unfortunately passed, he turned out to be a lot older than we thought :cry1:
I no longer work at the pet store.

So that is the bad news...good news is I have 2 new bunnies. He started a new love for rabbits :heartbeat:

I now have 'Bash' (any Reign fans on here?) my big Californian buck who I got in July & my new velveteen lop that I got just this Wednesday...she has no name yet! Both are around 5-6months.
They each have their own cage next to each other. Bash is pretty much a house rabbit having free roam of the upstairs & only caged at night or if we are out...I plan for the new gal to be introduced to him & be his roaming companion...once he is neutered of course! I'm hoping to get him booked next week! I am probably also going to get her spayed as I know females can get crazy hormones!

New gal seems sweet so far, still very nervous at the moment & wide eyed. Am going to give her a week or so to get settled before letting her out to explore (separately from Bash) she seems like she's going to be a love bug, lets me pet her & cuddle her, takes food out of my hand...just jumpy. So fingers crossed. Bash is a very confident rambunctious boy, pretty mellow around people...but not a cuddle bug. He prefers to lay next to you than in your lap. Hes still young tho...I think he will mellow out even more as he gets older.

Anyway...enough rambling lol. Here are some pictures!

Can't decide on a name for the doe. My daughter & I so far have:
Lola (from Reign)
Kenna (from Reign)

Thats it lol just a few!

Here's Bash...

And heres the new girly...


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