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Apr 13, 2020
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Louth, Lincolnshire, UK
Me and my partner have two mini-lop siblings, Dusty and Willow. A boy and girl, they’re about 9 months old now and they’ve both been altered.

About 8-10 days ago he started mounting her again, every time she hops away from him, initially that or any food/noise etc would distract him and it would only be in their ‘play spaces’ (our living room/garden) he’d leave her be but it’s getting progressively worse to the point he’s doing it everywhere and even leaving his food bowl which is beside hers to try and mount her. I’ve been having to lock her in the hutch with her bowl so she can eat in peace, even then he tried to bite through the cage!

The other day I found both of their fluff everywhere with bits hanging out of their bodies everywhere, obviously been fighting and I’m assuming that’s why.

What can I do?

(Note, picture is of them pre-spring)


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Sep 10, 2012
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So a couple of possibilities that I can think of. It could be 'spring fever' where even fixed rabbits can exhibit hormonal behavior. With this it's a matter of waiting it out for a few to several weeks, for the behavior to die down. If the behavior is starting to result in serious scuffles that are looking like they could turn into a fight, I would separate for several weeks then attempt to rebond. A pain in the butt I know, but the last thing you want is a fight breaking out that could result in injuries and affect the chances of rebonding.

The other less likely cause would be issues with the adrenal gland.

Then there is verifying he was in fact neutered by checking that his testicles are both gone.