Two handsome boys need new lair!

Discussion in 'Rescue Me!' started by Dadoo158, Feb 21, 2018.

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    I am in dire need of help. I am moving to Sweden in 5 days and I need to find a good loving home for my bunnies. I've spend about two months trying to convince my airline to let me bring them with no luck. I also looked into having them in cargo but as one of them (Jax) is a little older I do not think he could survive the stress that comes from that. I have posted in facebook groups and asked all my friends and begged them to ask around as well but so far I have not found a home that would fit their needs. These two guys are so very important to me and I want them to have the best life they can because they sure deserve it. If you are in the Detroit area and have room for two wonderful gentle bunnies please send me a message, or if you know of someone who needs some great company, ask! Bunnies are special animals and go under peoples radar. Most folk would just say that they are "Rodents" and should just sit in a cage. They couldn't be more wrong. Bunnies have just as much personalities as a cat or a dog would. They are absolutely awesome pets and they do never belong in a cage. They need exercise just like any other animal would, I mean, have you SEEN those hind legs? They are made for sprinting!! These guys have a great size pen, and while I am around watching a movie/cooking dinner I let them roam free in my apartment. It gives them plenty of time to get their run around out and also enough time to get into plenty of trouble! Let me give you a little rundown of who these fluffs are!

    Yeti - He's turning 3 this summer and is a mini lop. He is a huge, and I really mean huge, goof. He will explore anything he finds and he is not afraid of anything. However, he is extremely clumsy. He has climbed up on top of the dinner table to steal cookies, he has knocked over a full size garbage can and he has also fallen down the stairs. He has two weaknesses - 1. Any treats or yummy fruits, 2. Pets! The other day I sat on the floor with him and petted him for what seemed to be hours. While I was petting him he was giving me the sweetest little bunny kisses. Big part of him being so fearless is probably because he is deaf. He does not seem to mind since he cannot get "Yelled at" when he gets into $*&! he really shouldn't.

    Jax - Jax is on the older side coming up on 9 years old, this little guy is a dwarf. He is a super sweet and gentle bunny. He likes to take his time and loves just being quiet. He is however very frightful. I have had the pleasure of being his company for 6 years now and he just started to let me pet him. He does not go along well with other pets as he like a slow pace. Once he gets to run around he loves to explore and sniff all the things! Unlike Yeti, Jax responds very well to commands and he always listens because he's a great bun (Sometimes his farts can be really stinky tho!!)

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