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Mar 6, 2009
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, Texas, USA
I am, unfortunately, having to give up a couple of my babies. I will be moving in July, and then probably again in December (cross country), and I know the place I'm moving in to will not allow as much space as they have now.

Both are male, and they are cousins. One (Toshi) is brown, the other (Toby) is grey & white. They're super sweet, used to being handled, and will be 4 years old in June. They come from show lines, and showed a bit in their younger years but not since I came to college - Toby even used to place pretty well.

I will include their cages(inside), water bottles, hay feeder, & bowls as well as some litter, food, and hay. We believe Toshi has a corn allergy so he has special food, but it's not difficult to find corn-free food so it's never been a problem. I'm willing to travel about 3-4 hours to find one or both a good, permanent (or at least permanent for the foreseeable future) home. I may travel a bit farther if you take both of them.

I've come to you guys first because with Easter right around the corner I'm wary of adopting them out to non-rabbit-savvy people.

I can get some pictures of Toshi if anyone wants them, and the bunny in my avatar is Toby.