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Blue eyes

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Mar 20, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Ideally you'd acclimate your rabbit slowly to travelling in a carrier and in a car. Some rabbits seem to do just fine with travel while others get incredibly stressed.

This link provides some tips for the carrier and for car travel:

We stayed for a week or more in hotels and in a cabin with rabbits. We found an ex-pen and collapsible cardboard box to come in most handy. We used a plastic tarp for the floor and covered it with a fleece blanket and some mats from their home habitat.

Be sure to check with the hotel. They don't all allow rabbits and/or they may charge extra. One even wanted to require that they be confined to the carrier when we weren't in the room so as not to "scare" the housekeepers!! (we did not comply)

Here are some pics from those set-ups.



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Sep 5, 2021
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Reno, Nevada
Driving can be super stressful for them. I took one of my bucks to be neutered 9 hours each way with a week stay in between. He is a very chill and calm bunny. And looking back he probably did great. I was worried at the time. He seemed to lose weight. And he didn't eat or drink anything while in the car, even if we stopped. I would recommend long pitstops where your bunny can settle and regroup and eat/drink, especially if they won't while driving. He stayed in an open, much like @Blue eyes set up in the hotel, but it was in my sister's garage. Mine was obviously recovering from his neuter too, but it took some time for him to adjust on both ends of the trip.
Jun 27, 2021
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I have two female spayed lionheads. I live in VA and South FL. I drive between the two places with 3 cats, 2 rabbits, and a hamster in a Van. The drive is 12-13 hrs depending on stops and traffic. The rabbits have a large travel cage with a shelf. I line the bottom of the cage with piddle pads then fleece over the piddle pads. I put in a hay trough, a bowl for pellets, and a no drip water bottle. I add a little pillow/mat for the shelf. In the van, I bungee the cage so it doesn’t move around and then cover it with a blanket leaving one end exposed so they can see a little and get fresh air. The bunnies usually sleep most of the trip.
As for a hotel, I use an ex-pen and ALWAYS bring their litterbox they use at home. Bring toys and blankets they are familiar with. It is important to make sure they can not get out. A top to the ex-pen would be ideal.
Good luck!