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Jul 16, 2020
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new hampshire
I have stated in other threads that my lops escaped one night and the female is now very pregnant.
I had never ever thought to breed her even though they are both gorgeous as she has malocclusion and in my opinion that would be very ....unresponsible..I know there's a better word but thats the word that comes to mind.
And yes I planned to bring them to a clinic for spay and neuter. The male is still going, however she can't now. (Due to covid their age (now 6 months) and vets offices closing I couldn't do it sooner, but kept them apart best I could.(obviously not good enough lol)
However my buns are smarter than me and escaped one night. Its been about 4 weeks and I left for vaca and came back to a fat female with a nest made in her hide house. I can feel the kits when petting her and see them kick when she lays down so I absolutely know she's very pregnant. (Escape date puts it at 28-29 days today)
My question and its probably controversial. Can I tell at birth if the kits have malocclusion? And if so should I cull them?
I feel my bun is very lucky to find us as we take the time to research her disorder and care for it, however I don't wanna send off buns to homes that won't.
And since its my fault it happened in the first place I feel I need to take the proper steps to avoid kits with the same disorder going to homes that can't or won't take care of them.
What would you do?
I am fully prepared to keep any that I can't find responsible owners for (although my husband may divorce me lmao).
Curious on your opinions....

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