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Jun 16, 2020
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My condolences to you and your heart.
I know the pain. 3 years for me since my black beauty left me.
She declined within 10 days and died in my hand waiting for the vet to come in.
I was devastated, and I guess still am a little (thought I could change my profile photo this pass-iversary but alas, I was unable. My heart still hasn't healed enough).
I didn't get a necropsy done either, yet I still struggle with the thought that maybe just maybe if I had, I would have real answers and not just the few I got.
Thankfully the veterinarian had a heart, and did an x-ray stating she had gas & sludge build up but saw nothing else.

I no longer think about the questions of why, and very seldom do the "what it's" I burdened myself with, and just think about the time I had that beautiful bunny.

Don't be hard on yourself, everything living has its time ❤️


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Dec 8, 2006
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Kindness Matters - Waukesha, WI, ,
My heart hasn't healed enough. I relate, @Momma Luvbun . @WildThumper2010

Words of comfort by our DVM has helped me heal/move ahead after numerous losses in the past (almost 2 decades.)

We brought our 10 y.o. NZW, captured as a stray and she gave birth to babies at the shelter so unsure of her exact age, in for exams and treatment multiple weeks over the course of months since Xmas 2020. I knew her signs telling me she had had enough... hence the gentle PTS call was made on June 16th. I always go to the "shoulda, woulda, coulda" thinking it may help me do better for future care of furry family, yet I can relate to finding peace and not constantly regretting.

There is some comfort in holding your bun in his/her final moments of life. I tell this to friends who ask "what should I do." Equally a shock when their death is sudden, not expected.

Comfort words from our DVM who has excellent connections with us. "It's okay, Aleena has failing kidneys. You gave her the best life possible." // Our caring DVM's words will remain with me, along with Aleena's memory.

- I hope all comments will help you heal and reminisce of happier times. Thumper had your TLC. Confort hugs being sent.


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