Terrible Attitude in Rabbit

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Dec 10, 2020
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Hi so I'm new here..I hope this is right. I usually come here to read posts but I really need some help.
I've had 2 lionhead dwarfs for roughly 3 years now. 1 got sick about a week ago and though we took him to the vet ASAP, it only made him worse and he ended up passing the next day. His brother was pretty torn up about it all and proceeded to get very aggressive which we thought would pass but it has only gotten worse.
He barely lets me reach into his cage now and will proceed to growl and lunge and bite me if I do so. We let him free roam more often because we didn't want him to be lonely and now he's gotten an attitude outside his cage as well. Just tonight he attacked my cat (my large cat obviously laughing at his tiny size so no one was hurt), growling and trying to bite his ear.
He's NEVER been like this before and I'm assuming it's due to the loss, which I understand because we too are still very torn up about it all, but I need help on what to do because this can't continue. He used to be such a sweet bun and would lick you and fall asleep in your arms. Now I can barely touch him.

And I tried the things I read about letting him be with the body when his brother passed and giving him a stuffed playmate instead (which he bounces around the cage) along with all new toys and hutches, etc. to try to make him happy.
Any help would be much appreciated.


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Sep 10, 2012
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I would suggest limiting his space for now. With the loss of his brother, he may be feeling very insecure, and a larger space can add to that insecurity. So did you change his set up then and how much? You said new toys and new hutch. Is everything new? Have you changed anything else in his environment since this happened?