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Jun 12, 2016
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Maryland, USA
Hi, we are currently putting house on market and will have pictures and tours. I need to clean well today and need to unfortunately put my buns in a cage. I was given one but I feel it is too small. I would like advice. This would be temporary. I hate having to do this too. What size should I get?


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Dec 8, 2006
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Kindness Matters - Waukesha, WI, ,
Will you be home when the realtor schedules open houses? Or are you selling the house yourself? With a For Sale by Owner plan, you are present to monitor activity of buyers walking through.

Do you have relatives, parents, friends you trust nearby, where you could drop-off the buns in an enclosre or exercise pen during the open-house if a realtor will be on site?

I agree that exercise pens are much nicer looking and provide more space during the time strangers or potential buyers will be touring your home? A dinky-sized cage would also send negative vibes. Am happy you're concerned about the "too small" description!

The reason I mention monitoring - or off-site temp housing plan - is not all buyers may chaperone their little ones well in case fingers are poked inside cages or pens. That being said, the conscientious realtor made sure our daughter and SILs house cats did not escape when doors opened; special consideration given. One cat was particularly prone to seeing a chance to get out.

An alumni adopter let her boy stay at her parent's home temporarily which provided peace of mind. Their home sold pretty fast, that way, too.

One ignorant realtor banged on the glass of hubby's jukebox pretty **** hard doing a Fonzi imitation, and I gasped at how close he could've come to breaking the glass.