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May 1, 2020
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So I know I have posted previously about my rabbits having very destructive behaviour, which I will try to address this with their diet.

But recently and has literally just happened, they keep seemingly flipping back and forth between personalities?

So for example this morning around 4, I get woken up by Mia jumping in to something I know full well will make one mass of a racket when she decides to jump out, so I calmly and quickly just picked her up and plopped her back down on the ground. All is fine. They both jump on my bed and hassle me for food, so I give them a few treats and herd them off so I can lay down to try and go back to sleep
Literally a second later both of them start thumping (which has now been continuous since 4) and acting like they have had the living day lights scared out of them. They wont go near me, wont come to me for food, keep darting around. Mia launched herself from a really awkward place on to my bed in a panic, sat on my pillow and peed on it.

This is not a new behaviour at all (besides the peeing, that is new!) One moment we are all friends, then the next they're running scared when all I've done is sit there and do nothing. It's really bizarre and I'm actually getting a little worried about it. This 'episode' is the most it has been, they are both still thumping as I type this.


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Apr 8, 2020
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Mine are total nutcases at about 4 am, very needy and getting into mischief. Willa learned to thump in order to wake me up, as well as carry loud toys under my bed and chewing on them til I get up and feed her. Thumping can either be a fearful behavior or a grumpy, frustrated behavior which is what mine do in the morning. I have a loft bed, so they cannot get up for morning cuddles (which is by design, Willa likes to stand on my face at night and Foxwell likes to run very fast across me).

Is there a really subtle change in the environment that could be stressing them out? Construction, fireworks, the neighbor's cat peering in a window, etc.? That could trigger the weird behavior also.

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