Stop family from feeding my bunny

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Hermelin, Sep 1, 2019.

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    I know he’s overweight I can’t feel any of his spine on the back when pressing down. His bum is round and fluffy with a good amount of fat.

    But he’s still a happy bunny that binky and play everyday. Running with full speed through the rooms and following my dad and mom for food. But everything points towards dad being the main culprit for feeding Odin the most. Because Odin follow him like a shadow, my dad can’t go to the bathroom alone.

    Same thing happens when Toste when he move indoors, after a week he’s stuck with dad while begging for food. And my parents will always complain the bunnies are in the way, because they follow them. While me and my brother just tell them to stop feeding them, or just feed them when they do tricks with them.

    My brother often help me with economy if somethings happens with my bunnies. Because he worked more instead of going to university. So he have saved up bit of money. My family will also step in and all my bunnies have insurance. Through the insurance company, I can call different vet and ask questions during a video call without cost.

    Don’t know how it will look in 2 years if I move away up north or just move nearby. Depends on if I will work for a pharmacolgy company/industry or just be selling in a pharmacy.

    So later I would have to look up new rabbit savy vet and fix an emergency kit. Don’t have the optimal emergency kit because I can just drive to the rabbit savy vet any time I need. If something would happen.

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