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Apr 28, 2022
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Hi all

So this is Harchie, he is between 9-10 years old. He was adopted.
He has been doing this weird squeak sound on and off for a while now. It's like a very short squeak. Sometimes he just does it randomly when sitting, other times when eating. It's only 1 squeak (not a number in succession), and no sneezing. No nasal discharge either. No watery eye (he has 1 eye).
His nose was a little wet on and off a few weeks ago (one day wet, other day completely dry) so as precaution we took him to the vet and put him on sulfadiazine trimethoprim just in case it was snuffles. After a few days on it, he went into Gi stasis from it. Luckily we caught it right away as soon as it started, so we stopped the medication and gave him cisparide and buprenorphine and by a few hours later he was back to his normal self!
So we decided to wait and see, no wet nose now at all. I thought the squeak sound was gone and then today i heard it One time this morning. Nothing tonight. Obviously im not home with him 24/7 so i cant say if he did it during the day. But it's not like we are hearing it constantly. And he's not sneezing. Also vet listened to his chest and sounds all clear. Appetite good, poop good, everything else good. Teeth look good on exam, no spurs only one tooth is a little longer than the rest (so his bite is like off?) But he eats hay normally, likes to chew on his wood block toys.

I am so confused. Vet said we can take him in for xrays but we are looking at $600-$800 for that. And it might not tell us anything.

Also he is very sensitive and he got very ill after just his hormonal adrenal gland blocking implant. They had to put him to sleep (not fully, just a little dopey) and then they gave him the reversal medication, when he had his hormonal implant (he has adrenal gland issue). So he came home after the number of hours at the hospital and he was super shaky and not himself. I thought okay, give him a few hours and he will be back to normal. Well, he stopped eating and pooping! So next day we rush him to the vet and yep, gi stasis caused from the stress and meds that they used to put him to sleep! So he went on cisparide, burprenorphine, ovol, and force feedings for a week! I stayed home all week to take care of him and thankfully by the end of the week, he started to eat on his own and be himself again. So now it's been twice he got gi stasis from medication (this time and as mentioned above recently from the antibiotics). He does not handle stress well at ALL!

So i dont want to cause a secondary life threatening problem (gi stasis) because maybe it's nothing? I would kick myself if he passed from gi stasis that I caused. We had one bunny go into gi stasis (however it was caused by kidney problems as we found out from blood work that it was organ failure), and he died and it was extremely traumatic and I'm scared this guy will go into gi stasis and this time not get out of it and pass away. Any other bunnies (aside from the one that passed) took a day or a few days to get better from gi stasis, but he takes literally like an entire week and as he gets older im terrified!
SO my options are to do the xrays, give him a new medication (azithromycin) to try and see if that changes any squeaking and hope it doesnt give him gi stasis, or keep monitoring? He's running around right now and no squeak. So it's not like im hearing it consistently.

Video attached is from April. He had gi statsis then (have no idea why, it came out of nowhere as he wasnt on any meds, he just woke up one day with stomach gurgling), and he again for an entire week did not want to eat. While he was going through this i noticed the squeak so i caught it on video and sent it to the vet and they said not to worry about it. This was a different vet in the same office though.

Has anyone heard this sound from their bunny?

Thank you!!!


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Feb 23, 2020
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I've recently created a somewhat similar topic. My bunny has been doing this sneezing/squeaking sound with no discharge. Docs said its ok no probs etc.
Only after the 5th examination (I was really pushy, as they were hesitant that Xray might not reveal anything) Xray finally revealed the problem: Thymoma. :(

(If you read through the topic you might even find video about my Bunny but that was an extreme sample of what she has been producing. She did somewhat the same little "sneezing/squeaking" stuff as well)

I would definetley do the Xray as in our situation stetoscope examination of breathing revealed no problems with lungs/breathing.

Does your Bunny have runny eyes? (not persistent but sometimes)
Does your Bunny have "googly" eyes?

Also to be more exact: Xray only revealed a "foreign" obstuction around the heart. Ultrasound and a byopsy could conclude that it is indeed thymoma.
The reason why our Bunny was sneezing is basically this Thymoma grew big and it pushes the "breathing tube" (sorry trachea or something like that is the medical name) upwards.

Then again I let other experienced members comment as well, but I think: Xray all the way, no matter what they say! If youre lucky it will reveal this is nothing to worry about.

Please keep us/me posted about Your Bunny!
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