Spayed 2 year old rabbit keep peeing on my bed

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May 22, 2022
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Hi guys, I got my rabbit around June 2020 and she was spayed sometime in November. I feel like I didn’t get to form a good relationship with her and she pees my bed out of spite. Back in 2020 we did some routine blood work and her kidney levels were high and she was treated for E. cuniculi and I think it was a very traumatic experience for her from me constantly picking her up and feeding her medicine. She hates being picked up, she’s always running away from me even when I try to just pet her, she’s never just relaxing in the room and I can pass by and pet her, she almost always gets up and runs away, like she’s always on high alert like a hawk is gonna get her. It’s gotten a little bit better but she still tends to run away most of the time as she thinks I’m gonna pick her up. She’s always easily startled and tends to stomp a lot-it got so bad at one point that she had hock sores from stomping so much. I have another male rabbit that I’ve had since 2019 and never had an issue with him. Keeping her off the bed isn’t really a choice as I would literally just have to put a giant x pan around my bed to prevent her from going on it and I really don’t wanna sleep closed off in a cage. She also usually tends to go on the bed when my other rabbit does, and I feel it would be unfair to try kick her off especially since they’re bonded. If there’s any recommendations you have to maybe help this behavior, thank you.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Peeing on beds isn't an easy behavior to stop. Many rabbits like to pee on anything soft, and sometimes the only way to stop it is prevent access. There are a few things you can try, like having a litter box up there or close, if it's only being done because she can't get to the litter box when she needs to. If it's marking behavior, that will be harder. You can try having a blankie of hers up there that has her scent on it, this sometimes works. Otherwise, if you still want to allow her acess, about all you can do to protect your bed is put a tarp or other waterproof covering over it.

Also, to help try and improve your bond with her, there are a few tips in the link below. Most important is never trying to pick her up except when absolutely needed. And let her come to you for pets when she's ready. The best thing to do is just sit in her space/area, and do your own thing like be on your phone or tablet and essentially ignore her until she starts to feel more comfortable around you. It takes patience and time to build that trust, especially with some rabbits.


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