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Feb 11, 2021
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England, U.K.
Hi guys, I’ve been working at home lately, so I luckily get to spend more time with my bunny! Whilst he was sleeping next to me, he was in a loaf position. During his sleep, I heard him make a sound two times. It kinda sounded like when a human sniffs... it wasn’t squeaky or wheezing or anything, it just sounded like long loud breathing. He did this twice only, it wasn’t a constant sound. He has never done this whilst asleep in the flop position, or when he’s awake, sitting still, eating, running etc.. ONLY when he’s asleep and in the loaf position. He has a double chin when he’s in the loaf position haha🥰 so do you think it’s because of the fat maybe compressing his lungs? Or maybe he was too warm? His ears were warm, but I took that as a good sign (at least I know he doesn’t have pneumonia!) Ive touched his nose and it was dry. He’s eating and drinking well, running around a lot. Thoughts?


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Sep 10, 2012
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Rabbits can snore. Older rabbits especially may start having snoring sounds while sleeping, as their soft palate can get a bit floppy as they age. Though sometimes even young rabbits will snore while sleeping. I have a couple that have snored since they were babies and they're 8 now. The snoring mostly happens when they're in the loaf position, and particularly if their head kind of starts to tip backwards as they're sleeping.

As long as there are no signs of respiratory issues or actual noisy breathing sounds while awake, snoring while sleeping isn't usually a problem. But if there are any other symptoms like nasal or eye discharge, eye bulging or facial lumps, signs of dental problems like drooling or reduced appetite, or if ever in doubt, always consult with an experienced rabbit vet, as some sort of partial obstruction could be causing the snoring sounds, particularly if it's happening while they are awake and moving around.

(noisy breathing in rabbits)


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