Slightly stuffy nose?

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Apr 7, 2004
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, New York, USA
I fed CupCake her dinner andher breathing sounded a little louder than normal. It sounds like a stuffy nose. So I checked her nose and there was nothing in it. Her eyes aren't running and I haven't heard her sneezing at all.Her eating and bathroom habits haven't changed at all. I did notice the fur around her nose looked a little damp, but her paws weren't wet like she had been wiping a runny nose.

I guess I'm nervous because my family is leaving for vacation tomorrow and probably won't be back till after the 4th. My aunt is going to be coming by to feed CupCake, but she knows little, if anything, about rabbits. Does it sound like something serious? I'm planning on leaving my aunt a list of things to watch out for. What are some things I should be sure to include?

This week hasn't been great and the last thing I need right now is a sick bunny. Is there a chance that this is nothing orthat it could clear up on its own?


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