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Apr 21, 2021
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United Kingdom
So the chances of me worrying over nothing is very likely but I just want to be on the safe side and see if anyone has any information/advice that could help

my rabbit is eight months old and has been neutered. With it being summer and the weather very hot she’s been shedding a lot. (She’s an indoor rabbit and I’ve been making sure she stays as cool as possible) You run your fingers through her fur and end up with a face full of flying fur. I do brush her twice a day with a rabbit friendly brush but if you have any other tips to help with this I’d really appreciate it!!!

This is my first time owning a rabbit during the summer time so I’m not too sure on the shedding process though I have tried doing research.

for the past two days she just hasn’t been herself, she’s sleeps all day, when I get her out for some exercise she just flops down and refuses to do anything.

Yesterday and today she hasn’t been eating properly, usually she’s so greedy, the second I pick the food bowl up to feed her she’s bouncing around trying to jump at the food but these two days she just hasn’t moved, it’s taken her all day to eat her morning food and even then there was still some left and she’s only picking at her night time food.

I put some treats in with her, one of those nibble and digs which she usually goes crazy for but hasn’t touched and one of the stick treats which she also usually loves but again it’s hardly been touched.

from The looks of it shes pooping normally and she’s still keeping hydrated but it’s just worrying me how unlively she’s being.

also when I try to take her out she has started hiding in the corner of the hutch and struggles.

is the shedding process making her feel tired and poorly or could it be something else?

I’d appreciate any help and advice you could offer.
Thank you!!!


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Mar 3, 2021
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South Carolina, USA
It's possible that she's going through her first molt, and has ingested too much hair, which can lead to a gut slowdown and possible stasis! I would call the vet and get in for an appointment ASAP.

Another option is that she's wanting to be less active during the summer days, and you're just not seeing her eat, but ignoring treats she normally goes crazy for is a red flag, and I'd err on the side of caution with a trip to the vet! If it is stasis, time is not on your side!


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
If it's really hot where you are, that can reduce a rabbits appetite, because the heat causes heat stress and makes them lethargic. It's very important to take active measures to help keep your rabbit as cool as possible, to prevent heat stroke occurring. If your rabbits ears are hot, your rabbit is lethargic, laying down more than usual and not wanting to get up or move around, has rapid respirations, is salivating, has moisture around the nose and mouth, your rabbit could be dangerously overheating.

For your rabbit molting, some members here have recommended this comb.

If your rabbit is barely eating, refusing food she would normally eat, and is acting unusually lethargic and inactive, your rabbit could have GI stasis. A rabbit shouldn't go more than 12-24 hours without eating and drinking a sufficient amount or it becomes an emergency and you need to get your rabbit to the vet right away. If it's hot, it's important your rabbit doesn't overheat on the trip to the vet.


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