Senior Bunny has Liver Issues

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Mar 16, 2020
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She's 8 and a half years old already so last month, I brought her to our vet for a check up. I requested to have blood work done to see if everything is okay.

Results showed that she had issues with her liver and was prescribed 0.3ml of Tefrosol ( once a day for a month. Vet also suggested to check the protein content of our pellets. We were giving her Supreme Selective that time and the protein content for that was just around 13-14%

I then transitioned her to Sherwood pellets. (Though I do prefer extruded pellets over compressed pellets, I ran out of Supreme already and had an extra bag of Sherwood that I didn't want to go to waste) and also put her on a 30day panacur treatment.

Fast forward to yesterday for her follow up checkup and another blood work. Vet said her values went higher! T_T He told me to continue giving Tefrosol but up the dosage from 0.3 to 0.75
She gets all the timothy hay she can get as well as some bene bac, herbs, once a week of digestive support, and some fibafirst sticks. I'm also currently trying to get some milk thistle to help with her liver.

What do I need to adjust in her diet? I also don't know how to read blood work results so I'm not sure what values are exactly high.

The first image is her results from last month and the second one is from yesterday's visit. We have a follow up again after two weeks. Another blood work for my baby girl


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