seeking ways to give my rabbit a second level

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Feb 21, 2022
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Vancouver, WA
Hi, i am Eden from Vancouver Washington near Portland, oregon. i have my rabbit munch. Right now, he has an x-pen of about 4 by 6 feet attached to a 2 and a half by 3 and a half feet xl dog kennel that is approx 30 high. i may need to get a higher one for what i'm thinking. i could also attach a nice two or three story cage. I don't like any of the cages I saw though most were wire bottom. If i built a second story on the kennel part, i'd need someone to build it as I'm blind, like literally read Braille. i have a sighted partner, but he does not seem interested in building something. I can't expand outward anymore than the 33 square feet he has and the x-pen needs to stay one level so i can walk in and sit with him,he can't free roam due to my visual impairment, but I'd like a second level. One reason I thought maybe a premade thing would work better is if I get another rabbit, hopefully bond, then each level would have a doorway. Anyone close by willing to build me something or have a suggestion for the best prebuilt multi-story. Only one that seemed adequate sizewise was the Leithpetwerks. Yes, I'm certain my bun would love a seoncd story. he's a feisty 3 pound mini rex who loves to climb. If youhave suggestions, please put links or descriptions not just photos. I can't see them.

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May 29, 2019
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Perhaps you can contact a local rabbit rescue and recruit a volunteer to assist in building an enclosure.... maybe you can convince them with a donation. A quick Google search lists the following organizations: Rabbit Advocates and MC's Rabbit Rescue and Rehabilitation.

If you find a large cage, you can cover the wire bottom fairly easily. I recommend a fabric layer first to provide stability and noise dampening, then on top you need flooring that is both sturdy and rabbit-appropriate. Some people accomplish this by putting tiles, cardboard, or cloroplast as a first layer and then putting carpet or fabric on top. Others accomplish this by getting a sturdy-backed rug and cutting it to fit. Personally I have done a 3-layer composition: 1) felt, 2) cloroplast, 3) carpet squares cut to size. I use zip ties to keep it all in place.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Some have used outdoor hutches as an indoor rabbit home base, and many of them are two levels with a ramp. Though the ramps aren't usually ideal and may need modification of adding carpet for traction, or taking out the ramp and adding steps so a rabbit can get to the second level.