Rex rabbit sore hock prevention?

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Abi :)

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Apr 18, 2020
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Hey everyone! As some of you may know we are looking for a partner for our current rabbit Bambi, and we originally had reserved a mini lop that was brown and white (some of you may have seen him in my name ideas post), but we fell in love with a castor rex and we are going to give Bambi to the rescue for bonding with the other bun next week (hopefully all goes well as the rex's previous bond didn't work so he was put back on for adoption). Either way, if the bond works I have heard that rex's are more prone to sore hocks than other buns? Currently Bambi is a mini lop and she lives in our utility room, the flooring is predominantly tiles (during the winter usually blankets) and an area rug, for Bambi it is okay on her hocks but should I opt for something softer if we adopt the rex? If so what would you recommend because I am eventually planning to get rid of my hutch and just have them free roam in half of the room (in that case is an area rug more sensible)?

Thanks <3

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Blue eyes

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Having a variety of surface options can help prevent sore hocks. Also, anything that has some amount of cushion to it too (to mimic the amount of softness of soil or grass on soil).

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