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May 17, 2022
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Hi, I have two indoor bunnies, Obito (He's 1 year, weights about 1,5kg) and Rin (She's 10 weeks old, weights about 0,86kg) and I suspect that they might have fur mites. So I have the revolution for puppies and kittens (15mg/tube) and I plan on giving it to them, but after researching a bit I'm not sure how much I should give them.
I've seen people recommending between 12-18mg/kg, and I've got 6 pipettes, so I'm thinking I can give one pipette to Rin and two pipettes to Obito. And that would leave me with 3 left to do a follow-up treatment with. I'm not sure when I should give the follow-ups, some people say you should give it before one month has passed because rabbits absorb it faster but I have no idea.

I'm also confused as to how I should time this with the cleaning/disinfecting of the cage/living area as to avoid re-infestation. Should I do a deep clean before or after treating them? And for how long should I separate the two of them after I've applied the revolution?

Does the dosages seem reasonable and/or safe, and should I wait a month to do the follow-up treatment?

(Also as a side note, they're both vienna marked and I've heard that ivermectin isn't good for vienna marked or dutch rabbits, but I'm guessing that selamectin is safe for them?)


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Sep 10, 2012
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One dosage is usually fine. From what I remember of reading the studies(it's been a while since reading them), one application eliminated the mites. If you had a heavy infestation, I would maybe do a second dose just to be safe. Or if you were dealing with fleas, more frequent dosing may be necessary. But just a mild to moderate case of mites, without a source causing continued reinfestation, one dose is usualy enough.

I would clean after you have applied the product. Maybe the next day, so it has had time to act on the mites.

Vienna marked and dutch rabbits can carry the gene that makes them sensitive to certain drugs. Ivermectin is one of those. They could be sensitive to selamectin as well, but it seems that it is less so and is the safer option when having to treat mites.

If in doubt, it's always best to consult with a knowledgeable rabbit vet. You could also research and read the studies conducted so you know what the dosing info is based off of. It's usually best to go with the higher recommended dose, than underdose and risk parasite resistance, like Watermelons mentioned.

(typo in link, 120mg/kg should actually read 120mg/ml)
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