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Apr 30, 2005
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, , USA
In order to rack up points for Midwest Rabbit Rescue, please post a review of your rabbit savvy veterinarian(s) on Zootoo.

Here's how to do it:
  • Follow this link to sign up (if you haven't already):
  • Enter the following zipcode: 48170 and select Midwest from the list.
  • To find your vet, use the search bar at the top of the page to input your vet's or animal hospital's name. On the results page, click "Services" on the side menu.
    • If you find it, click its name and then click the gray "Write a Review" button.
    • If not, scroll to the bottom of the search page and click "Add a service." You'll be able to add your vet to the directory. After inputting basic info, you'll be prompted to write your review.
While you're at it, consider posting this same information in the Rabbit Savvy Vets Forum.

Thanks for your help,

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