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Apr 3, 2020
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I'm moving to another city with my boyfriend, but because of family and work i need to travel back home quite often and for a number of days at a time. It takes 9 hours by 2 trains to travel to/from.

I dont know what to do about my bunny. I dont want to leave him with my boyfriend for 1-2 weeks every month, but I also dont want to leave him with my family for the remainder of the time. They'd all take good care of him, but he's my bunny - he's not happy when he's away from me for long.

Do you think it would be managable to always take him with me? I'd mostly travel by train/car with someone else if possible as I don't drive. He's a pretty strong minded bunny and based on his personality alone Id say hes one of those bunnies whod be able to handle it but - hes still just a bunny.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
It really depends entirely on how adaptable and nervous of a rabbit he is. If you can, I would try some short car rides to see how he responds. If he can do alright with a 1-2 hr trip, a longer one will probably be fine too. The most important thing when traveling with a bun for an extended period, is keeping them eating and hydrated. As well as making sure they can't become overheated on the journey.



Nov 24, 2022
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I personally think that it definitely be manageable for you to always take your bunny with you but perhaps not necessary all the time. But it of course depends on how your rabbit handles the situation.

In my case, I travel with my bunny quite a lot especially during the summer where I move between different family houses around every other week or so and he's always managed fine. The longest travelling time he's experienced so far is 13 hours by train other than that I've also travelled with him in cars, on ferries as well as smaller motor boats without any issues.

As JBun said it's important to make sure that they keep eating and drinking, I'd recommend putting some hay from the start into the carrier and bring a portable travel drinking bowl with you. Additionally having a carrier that's more made for traveling than the standards ones is life-changing.

Also if you go by train it can be a more pleasant experience for you to get two seats so that there's enough space for the both of you. I learned this the hard way after one train ride where I got someone next to me (which had never happened before) which ment that I didn't have any space for my legs and had to sit on my knees for around 9 hours.

Hope any of this is helpful and best of luck travelling with your bun!

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