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    April LD

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    Aug 22, 2018
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    Concord CA
    I rescued some rabbits dumped down the street at the park. Unfortunately, they had babies. I am now in the process of trying to find homes. I have rabbits spayed/neutered and babies that will need to be spayed/neutered mid September to early October. I have my original 3 buns and we have fallen in love/bonded with a few others.

    I need to re-home about 22 rabbits - two are bonded and will need to be kept together. All are able to go now...reach out to me if you are interested or know someone, Triplealove@comcast.net. I can send pictures, give you a bio, etc. I am in Concord CA, I have put up signs at my vet - 4 corners, at a coupe other rabbit vets, I have gone to concord feed and put up signs, contacted petting zoos, and nothing. I would love to keep them all but I can't house them all and they are getting bigger. It's not fair that they don't have the space they need.

    I was just trying to be a good person and rescue these poor abandoned buns - never thought I would end up with like 30 rabbits!

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