Rabbits have been staying outside of hitch despite cold weather.

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Nov 18, 2020
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West Virginia
I have two rabbits both of which were found as strays. One my girlfriend found at a park with its bedding and food dumped beside it and then about 6 months later I found one behind a building in a parking lot this one was in bad shape. Had broken toes and was bleeding all of which was taken care of by our vet.
so although we didn’t ask for these bunnies we definitely love them. They’ve been living inside of our house for a couple years now since we found them.
But just a Couple months ago before it started getting cold I built them an outdoor hutch 3ftx7ft with an exhaust fan and a heater and a 5ftx8ft outdoor run. I insulated the hutch and put a window in the front for extra ventilation.
I am no expert when it comes to rabbits but I think they have a pretty nice setup.
Anyways it’s been getting colder at night lately down to 30 degrees and I often find the rabbits sitting together outside in the cold rather than in the hutch. This confuses me because I know they have to be cold.I’m not sure if they like being out in the cold or if there is something in the hutch that is bothering them.
If you have any idea of why they are choosing to be outside of the hutch please let me know.



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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
With rabbits, who knows why they do what they do sometimes. My horse would do the same thing. Stand out in the freezing cold rain or snow instead of going into his shelter. You can't always make them go where you think they should go. Maybe if you can put a hidey hut in the run with lots of hay or bedding to insulate so they can nestle into that. Or if their run isn't safe from predators at night and they won't go in on their own, maybe shut them in their hutch at night.

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