Rabbit with respiratory infection, is it chronic? Bonding doubts

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Jan 12, 2020
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Hello! So I wonder if anyone could help me with this matter. I have a bunny with a very contagious respiratory infection (the bacteria is called "Enterobacter cloacae complex") and we went to the vet several months ago and they recommended due to the type of bacteria he had a treatment with nose drops and nebuliser 2 times a day for several weeks but she warned right away that once the treatment was finished we couldn't repeat it anymore that he could have a chronic disease and we could have to put him in the nebuliser now and then but only with Saline solution for treatment if he got worse. We did the treatment the best we could and we went to the vet a lot of times to see if he was getting better and he was, and fortunately he is a very well behaved rabbit compared to my female one. The plan was to bond the two of them once it was possible (when he was neutered and the infection treated). But now when we stopped the treatment he is getting worse again... Not sneezing a lot but we can sometimes listen the sputum(?)(I don't know the word in English I'm sorry) when he sniffing something and a little difficulty breathing (he sprints and plays a lot and then he seems to get tired very easily and lay down to rest with a very quick breathing) and I'm very worried he can have this chronic... Does anyone have the same problem with one of your buns that can help me advice? Another thing that I'm very afraid is that if he has a chronic disease I can't bond him with my other bun? The vet said that is very contagious and at the time that I didn't know I was trying to bond them and switched blankets, toys, litterboxes and my other rabbit is fine but was it pure luck?
I appreciate the help.