Rabbit Shopping List! How's This Sound?

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Jul 19, 2021
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I'm Probably Getting a 6-9 year old rabbit a year or two from now *Silent Yay's*
It would be in my room, which is around 100 sq feet, by bed taking up around 10 sq feet. my closet door is broken so there's really no point trying to keep the bunny out, so that would be where the litter box and hay is. ok, now for what I'm getting:



Tunnel Haven




and I think thats it, of course I would get hay and fruits and veggies, etc. How's it look?


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Jun 20, 2019
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Jul 28, 2021
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ontario 🇨🇦
this list took me quite long to get through 😅

niteangel cage bridge- I don't really see a point for this since you said they're going to be free roaming. unless it's for a dig box or something of the like ofc.
niteangel carrot bed- nothing wrong with this and I've been eyeing it for a while myself lol!
2nd niteangel carrot bed- this only has one exit/enterance which I don't really recommend but it's up to you.
niteangel snack ball- great for enrichment!
bunny tree- reviews say that it has a lot of glue, so probably a no?
litter- there's cheaper options, and this one has baking soda which isn't good :) I'd reocmmend woodstove pellets ($5 for 40lb!) with paper bedding on top
cuddler bed- most rabbits will probbaly destroy this and/or pee on it....but get it if you want it's super cute!
bowl- nothing wrong with this!
hay rack- I'd say this is a no since it looks hard to get the hay out from those bars as they're rather close together. perhaps make/buy a hay bag?
grass house/grass mats- both of these are fine though the bunny may not fit in the house
oxbow play wall- this is great!
covered litterbox- highly do NOT recommend. something like this https://www.amazon.com/Clean-Kitty-Large-Litter-Shield/dp/B01EH71XQQ/ref=sr_1_19?dchild=1&keywords=high+sided+litter+box&qid=1627930471&sr=8-19 or even a large storage tub is much better- covered litter boxes are a highly debated topic for rabbits and i personally do NOT support using them because of rabbit's sensitive respiratory system and because the only have 1 exits/enterance. kat_esque has a great video explaining litterboxes on youtube.
willow tunnel- great!
timothy treats- i wouldn't give too many of these if you do buy them, I just recommend giving some fruit instead because these are super proccessed looking and some rabbits don't react well to that
oxbow roll- nice chew toy! you can stuff it with hay! caution that their head might get stuck though
tokihut mat- perfect!
grids- sounds good!
tunnel- good~
farm harvest game- this is fine but they might eat the felt tops
stacking cup- these are fine
tunnel haven- amazing!
duktig- nice
bin- this is fine. i'd recommend a bin for the litterbox too.

this is a lot of items for starting off- it will be quite expensive. i'd personally not get all of these and rather do a mass order of a bunch of stuff from 101rabbits instead, because then you'd be supporting a small business and she has great stuff at her shop, but up to you.

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