Rabbit Saavy Vet in Philadelphia, PA with $50 spay/neuter!

Discussion in 'Rabbit Veterinarian List' started by Cocoa, Aug 12, 2015.

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    If you go to the Morris Animal Refuge on Lombard St. in Philadelphia, you can get a $40 spay/neuter certificate. You have to pay cash so go prepared. http://www.morrisanimalrefuge.org/

    Then print out the list of veterinarians that take the spay/neuter certificate that you purchased and schedule your spay/neuter.

    We did both at Girard Veterinary Clinic http://www.girardvetphila.com/. Dr Cynthia Balzer did a spay on our 6 month, Willow and a neuter on our 13 week, Storm. She has bunnies herself and is the only one that does rabbits at the clinic.

    Both bunnies came home with very nice, clean looking wounds. They both came home with pain meds and NEVER got red or swollen. So far, I'm very pleased. We had to pay a $10 co-pay per rabbit. But 2 bunnies fixed and healthy for $100!!! That's a win win in my book!

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