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May 24, 2022
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Henderson, NV
My 1 year old rabbit Klaus is starting to randomly pee on the floor. He sleeps under the couch during the day and he will randomly come out and pee on the floor and go back under the couch. A little back story, his mate Bonnie recently passed away from uterine cancer. I adopted Bonnie after she had uterine cancer removed as her previous owners did not spay her, when she went to get spayed they found the cancer and removed it and the Doc told me it’s a possibility it could come back, I didn’t care, I just wanted her. She was with us for 6 months until it came back. She passed last April, it devastated me. I went back to my local bunnie rescue for a new friend for Klaus. They had a 10wk old rabbit they thought was a girl for foster to adopt until it was the proper weight to be fixed. Turns out it’s a boy, which makes sense bc they don’t get along when put together in supervised visits in a neutral space. The little buns name is Uri, and he is scheduled for a neuter on the 31st this month. I’m hoping that all this peeing and pooping Klaus is doing everywhere will stop once Uri is neutered bc I’ve bonded with Uri and my heart cannot take him back bc he’s a boy. Is it possible they will eventually get along after he is neutered? Will Klaus stop marking everywhere? It’s tough bc my house is half tile and half carpet and he’s now starting to mark the carpet, I love him so much but the marking is driving me nuts. Please help!
Bonnie was a beautiful blonde
Klaus is my brown bun and Uri grayish white


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May 22, 2022
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Hello, I haven’t had bunnies for very long but I think the peeing on the floor might be territorial marks. The moment you get him fixed, this problem should go away.

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Mar 20, 2012
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Arizona, USA
The presence of the other rabbit (an intact male) will surely be a reason for making Klaus feel compelled to mark (defend) his territory.

Once Uri is fixed, it can take anywhere up to 6-8 weeks for his hormones to fully dissipate. Best to wait until after that time before trying any bonding attempts. It would be advised to allow them some pre-bonding time up until and a little after those 8 weeks have passed. Be sure also that you are setting aside some territory to reserve as neutral bonding space.

Here is some further info on bonding to read up on while waiting for the hormones to dissipate:

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