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Nov 1, 2022
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Located in Medford, Oregon.
Hey guys, we recently have had some issues with our “female” bunnies that were get along together so well for the months before. And unbeknownst to us we realized that it’s because one of our bunnies is male haha. We were shocked!! We don’t feel like we can keep him at this time. He wasn’t being aggressive at all, he really is the sweetest little bunny. His normal teenage bunny humping behaviors have just made our female rabbit uncomfortable. We would have stopped it sooner had we known sooner. However, our female rabbit is very anxious around him now and hasn’t been acting like herself. He is really a sweet bunny, pretty timid. He lovesss food and has never struggled with eating. He’s a little lop, he really is such a cute little bunny. However I think he’s just going through the brunt of puberty right now lol. He’s not neutered yet, we were planning on doing that soon as he is coming of age. We’d love to find him a new home where he will be loved. We are still planning on getting him neutered and will definitely still do that if we can find someone that would be interested in taking him in.


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Sep 10, 2012
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If you would at all like to keep him and try rebonding them later, there's a really good chance it could work out perfectly fine. Since you already plan to get him neutered, and if you still want your doe to have a bonded bunny companion, it's something I would suggest not to give up on quite yet.

If you keep them completely separated now, get him neutered, and give it about 6 weeks for his hormones to completely fade post neuter, then attempt bonding introductions again, it will be a very different situation without those hormones getting him all keyed up. The wait period and keeping them separate also gives your doe time to feel safe again and forget his prior pestering of her, which rabbits once removed from a situation, can pretty quickly forget anything prior.

You can try keeping them in adjoining enclosures that are absolutely secure from him escaping to get to her, as being next door to him may help her to realize she's ok now from him bothering her, but still have him near for his companionship, though separated. But if you feel that him being near is making her too uncomfortable and nervous still, then it may be better to keep him away in a completely different room until maybe 4 weeks post neuter, then move him back next to her enclosure for a few weeks for them to get used to being near one another again, before actual bonding attempts begin. That is, if you have the space to have him in a separate area.

Because she didn't end up getting nippy and aggressive with him, even with all the humping and pestering of her, I think this has a pretty good chance of being a successful rebonding, once he's neutered and his hormones are gone and he's calmed down. If she had got fed up and aggressive with him from his bothering her, and a fight resulted, then that might be a different matter. Because it didn't, there's a lot of hope for a happy reuniting of them in my opinion.


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