rabbit mourning very selective eating

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Aug 15, 2013
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My dear lily passed away on wed at 5.5 years old. She lefy behind her daughter. They were bonded very strongly. Often her daughter laying on top of her just above the shoulders.
Shes lost some weight used to be 9 13. Today is 9 6.5
Shes drinking but only eating greens and hay and black oil dunfloeer seeds. She wont touch her oats which she loves and is outright refusing kibble.
To help her im cuddling her kidding her eyes and just trying to be supportive. Ive given her a stuffed animal which i dont think she cares for.
I do have lined up a male for her incase she doesnt bounce back i can pick up monday.
How long in other peoples experiences can the grieving process last for?
This is my first time experiencing a rabbit losing a companion. I would think her selective eating is better than not eating but how dustsinable is that other than force feeding her. Picture attached was her mom lily