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Jan 11, 2020
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My rabbit Max just got over a serious case of GI stasis. He is recovering well but since recovering, I have noticed that he has started licking shoes. Mostly mine, but he did do the same to my husband while he was wearing his slippers one day as well. He has never licked anything before and it is unusual for us to have shoes around him as we usually take our shoes off in the basement where he is not allowed. Do you think this is just a wierd quirk or could it be a sign of something I should be concerned about? Thank you.


Loony bunny guy
Jul 19, 2015
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The only thing to consider I can think of would be some mineral deficit. Does he have a mineral salt lick? If those shoes are used outdoors there might still be salt residue on shoes from winter salting.
I sometimes see one of mine licking concrete, eating dirt or gnawing plaster off the wall, I take that's their way to get what they need.

And then there is licking, as far as I can tell just for the soothing joy of licking, like licking the same spot of their cardboard hidey house regularily while lounging there.
Or, even more likely, the smell of the shoes is new to him, unknown things from other places, and licking just is a way to enjoy this better.

If he has a balanced diet I wouldn't think that is anything of concern, rabbits do lick random stuff sometimes. I would rather think it's the interesting smell in that case.