rabbit leg ampupitionn

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Dec 9, 2019
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saudi arabia
i have a sweet female rabbit called snowy. a week ago she got her hindleg injured.
i rushed her to the vet as soon as i saw her. the dr wrapped it and told me to keep cleaning and changing the bandages. i noticed the color of the skin changing so i went to the vet again, the dr told me that the blood supply got cut off from the injury , but the good part is that its not infected but she needs her leg to be amputated. let it be noted that the injury is only in the peripheral part of her paw, and shes walking normally without limping. i have a hard time accepting the fact that she needs her entire leg removed bc of a peripheral injury.

im wondering if anyone has encountered a similar situation, and is there any other options?
and unfortunately this is the only veterinary clinic in my city that treats rabbits.