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Oct 17, 2022
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New Zealand
Hey, so we have bred from this rabbit before. She’s always been the most incredible, attentive mother. She has had 3 litters successfully over the last 2 years. These are not close together, ages apart.
She had a litter 6 months ago, she had built her nest in the nesting box, but all the babies where all over the grass outside the nesting box dead. There is no way any other animal got into the hutch.
We thought it was so so strange because she’s been a phenomenal mother in the past.
We left her for 6 months and she just gave birth this morning. She built her nest again, downstairs in the nesting box, pulled fur etc.
Then she had them unstairs and stomped them to death. All have very dark purple belly’s form internal bleeding and blood coming out of their noses. 100% they have been intentionally killed. She has never “accidentally” squashed babies before.
One she hadn’t even finished eating the membranes from it.

We will be getting her fixed and not breeding from her again, but I am wondering, does anyone have an explanation?
No stress factors, great diet, incredibly, incredibly large homebuilt hutch, no interference from us.
Both times she made a beautiful nest with loads of fur. But never had them in the nest and killed them both times?

I’m so confused as like I said, she’s always been an incredible mother. Again, we will be getting her fixed and not breeding from her again. Has anyone else had a rabbit just change from being a great mother, to a mass murderer lol.

Thanks in advanced!
Sep 25, 2022
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Jacksonville, FL
Rabbits will kill their babies if they feel some sort of perceived threat (not real necessarily,) but anything that seems to threaten survival. Other causes can be lack of protein, litter that seems to be poor in the eyes of the doe, and "unknown." It sounds like you were doing everything right - - assuming you were feeding unlimited pellets with an alfalfa base with unlimited alfalfa hay as well?
Jan 8, 2011
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If it were me I would retire her. As far as animals getting in, isn’t it still possible rats could’ve gotten in, or surprised the doe? With two litters lost though, I wouldn’t try again.

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