Rabbit chasing feet

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Jun 20, 2019
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Provo, UT
Hi everyone,

Harvey and I just moved from my parent's house, where he spent the days outdoors, to an apartment. He has made the transition to living in a house very well. He uses his litter box consistently and hasn't been chewing the furniture so far. We've gotten closer spending more time together. I give him lots of pets in the evening and in the morning he'll jump on my bed and lie down next to me. He is almost 3 and is neutered.

It's not a huge deal, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight to a problem I have. During the morning and the evening Harvey will sometimes decide to grunt at my feet (like, scary grunt) and chase them. I try to pet him and tell him it's just me, but he will still run in front of my feet suddenly. This is an issue when I'm hurrying around the house to get ready to leave, or when I come in with a bunch of groceries, because I have to walk slowly and carefully not to hurt him. I accidentally kicked him once when he jumped in front of my feet while I was in a hurry. Is he just being territorial? Does he want attention? I almost wonder if he doesn't quite understand that my feet are an extension of me, and instead sees them as rival bunnies :). Any ideas?