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Feb 5, 2015
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Northern Michigan
We have four does who live together and two bucks who live separately. I put two does in with a buck (one each) and left them in for a couple of weeks. At which point I assumed the does bred and brought them back to the doe pen which includes several hutches and nesting boxes.

While they were gone with the boys, one of the remaining does who is NOT bred started to show signs of pseudopregnancy, to furr pull and nest in one of the boxes.

Meanwhile one of the does in with a buck started to take the bedding from his hutch and run around with it in her mouth outside in his run so I assumed her bred and looking to nest. She is always a early nester.

When I brought both girl buns back from the buck hutch they started nests. All of the does were happy to be together again.

30 days came and went, no kits. But I do have four does mounting each other like crazy now? The two does who went in with bucks have stopped nesting. I just put them back in with the bucks and neither have shown any interests in breeding. Both are mounting the bucks.

I have never had any of this (false pregnancies, no litter, mounting bucks...) so I was curious, any thoughts? I wonder if the does are so bonded (they live together in a 12x12 stall with hutches and boxes and "second stories" to go into) that removing two stressed the whole lot out?