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Sep 9, 2020
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Middle east
I have a question, haru has been acting like a monkey/5 year old kid, she’s been biting on everything and jumping on tables, like.. from the floor to the table, the tables hight is up to my waist! I can’t leave her alone for one second. She never did that before, and she bit me three times, first two was an accident, but today it was kind of aggressive, there was no blood or anything but she looked mad, I pulled my hand and screamed, she ran away and a second later, she came back sniffing my slippers and sticked beside me 😑. She never listens to me now, before.. she used to stop what she’s doing when i say no! And after a few times of saying no! She would know that she isn’t supposed to do that and stops. Like the toxic plants.. every time she goes near the plants I would tell her no! And she stopped going there, even when she’s alone, after that day, even when I say no! It’s like I’m talking to myself. Is this because she isn’t spayed, and after she gets spayed she would stop? or is it because she is a teenager, and she would stop that when she grows up? next week she will be 7 months old . or is this her personality and she’s not going to stop? i wanted to get her a sister but now it's like i have ten rabbits

Lucas the Bun

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Oct 31, 2020
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Young Buns are especially hyper.
It could also be shes a high energy bun.

But the biting is probally her being territorial which probally won’t change unless she’s spayed.
Theres also a “love bite” which is a really soft nip,
which doesn’t draw blood and doesn’t really hurt.

i wanted to get her a sister but now it's like i have ten rabbits
Females are notorious for not getting along,
especially unspayed (they could severely injure one another).
(With that said there has been some unspayed, daughter-mother bonds)

Female-male bonds are easiest,
But you can’t force rabbits to be friends, best thing to do is go to a rabbit shelter & try “Bunny Dating”.

Regardless until you can get a knowledgeable vet to spay her, I wouldn’t get her a friend.

Also please move the toxic plants out of her way, she could jump & get them.

About “No”

“No” is supposed to be used sparingly to stop them, or they might become “immune”.
You could try clapping your hands or grabbing her attention with a toy. 🙂
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