R.I.P. My Bunny "Stew"

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Momma Luvbun

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Jun 16, 2020
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@Nancy McClelland my heart knows your pain.
My feline went missing for 4 years. In the last year of him missing I got my kit, I named Pepsipepper Pooper. She was THE best, and she loved me like no other.
A year old and miraculously, we got my feline back. I didn't know how to intergroup them but they figured it out quite quickly and I never worried about them being alone together.

I decided a couple years later to get my Peps a husbun. That's when Smurphymurphy CooperTrooper Pooper was found roaming an old grocery store lot and some bunny wranglers finally caught him and brought him to us.
Peps loved him for the next year and a half, before she suddenly got ill, and within 8 days she was gone.
The boys and I were devastated 💔.
I knew I had to get my little widow a new wife, because he was fearful of humans (makes me wish I didn't find out why he was let loose, but thankful he was) and Peps was showing him I was the best..
Easter long weekend I go to get my fella some hay and there's this little lady lop sitting in a window all alone in a cage sitting on a table. It broke my heart to think where she'd end up being in there on Easter..so after much deliberation at home, I went back to get her. Although I love these two buns with all my heart, they don't come close to the friendship and relationship i had with Pepsi. We were bonded like no other. I wish these two would love me as much as Peps showed but I do know they love me.
This past August, 10 days before I had to go have surgery to remove my cancer'd ovaries, my feline passed in my arms.
Again, devastated to say the least 💔💔.
I find comfort in knowing my feline is with Peps and they are waiting for me with the pieces of my heart they took when they left so they can make me whole again when it is my time to leave this world.
They come and visit me in my dreams often, so I know the pieces of my heart both of them have glow and help them find their way to me to let me know they are well.

I love that you put Memorial posts on this website, because it really is a lifelong loss we feel from our cherished who have left before us.
Take care of you Nancy 💞

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