Question on GI stasis, not eating and sleeping buns

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Apr 9, 2022
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Melbourne, Australia
This is a weird question and I can’t find any info online so hopefully some advice from the community will solve my query.

my rabbits are good eaters I’ve never had an issue where I’ve had them turn down food all together but I read a lot about GI stasis and what to look out for.
Sometimes my buns will come and sleep with me in the tv room they have freedom to go eat or poop at anytime but sometimes they’re sleep and veg out for 5-6 hours. Today was one of those days my girl bun Melody didn’t even go out when her brother did. I got a bit worried and gave her some pellets and she ate em right up but should I be worried if they’re sleeping that long and not eating? How do I know when it’s GI stasis vs just a sleepy day? I am not currently worried about either of my buns i saw them eating evening greens and pooping and zooming around as normal after this I was just wondering how GI stasis vs sleep goes re not eating and whether I should be waking my buns or trying to offer them food while they sleep?
Thanks for answering this weird question. Hope my phrasing makes sense 😅


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Dec 9, 2017
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One of my boys are a sleepy head and I will let him sleep. Sometimes I will wake him up to just check on him. You get worried after a few hrs of deep sleep. As long your bunny is eating and behaving normal I wouldn’t worry as much. If your bunny start to show signs of GI stasis for example refusing to eat, pressing the stomache and feeling uncomfortable that’s a sure sign to start treating them. But sleeping comfortable, I will just check up on that they are breathing because when I go through GI stasis my bunny won’t sleep deep, he will be moving around pressing his stomach to the floor and shifting his weight. Acting all fidgety and uncomfortable.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
It's not unusual for rabbits to be less active during the day. It's getting to know what's normal for them and what's not. Like being lehargic when they normally would not, and not eating or taking food from you when they normally would gobble it down.

It's looking for abnormal breaks in their pattern. Things like running to hide in a corner and staying there for hours hunched up when they might normally be loafed or flopped out resting or running around. Repeatedly shifting position from laying down or pressing the belly down, to sitting hunched up, like they are feeling uncomfortable and can't find a way to be. Sittting hunched and grinding their teeth. Maybe sitting acting lethargic and squinting eyes. Refusing to eat foods they would normally eat right away and be enthusiastic or excited about eating.


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