Question on Flemish Giant bunny

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Aug 15, 2021
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I’ve had a lot of bunnies, always lion head, dwarf or Dutch, but took in a beautiful Flemish Giant 6 month old this past month because I’ve always wanted one. Having a bit of trouble being able to pick her up or even cut her nails. Do they relax as they get older? Or is a young skittish bunny always going to be skittish? I was under the impression they were more docile and lounging around type of bunny. Any insight appreciated!


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Sep 10, 2012
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Most rabbits don't like to be picked up, regardless of breed or size. Some can learn to tolerate it minimally when it's done correctly, some downright detest it and will freak out if you even try, rarely a few don't mind being picked up, but that's not the norm. It doesn't mean a rabbit is skittish at all because they don't like to be picked up. It's a prey response to a predator grabbing them to eat them. So just their nature. It's best to learn to do things without ever having to pick up your rabbit, and is only used when absolutely necessary. Over time you can work with your rabbit to learn to tolerate it in those circumstances when it's necessary, and at some point your rabbit may even learn not to mind. But that's all about building a trusting relationship with your rabbit, before that can happen.

For nail trims, I would suggest learning a method that doesn't involve picking your rabbit up, or to take your rabbit to your vet for nail trims.



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May 12, 2018
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We made a set of steps that allow our rabbits to come up to chair level with us. That way we don't need to pick them up.

As a trial run we glued a couple of cardboard boxes together. It worked so well I made permanent steps out of some scrap plywood and tempered hardboard. Underneath, I cut hidey holes.

A non-slip surface is a must. The Dollar Tree features non-woven floor mats that have a ribbed non-skid pattern in them. They are easily cut to size with a scissors and fastened into place with double-stick carpet tape.

Our Flemmie wasn't all that wild about being picked up; but, he loved getting up on top of his "house," his home base and sleep house. :)