Preventative Deworming

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Dec 31, 2006
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I just got a call from another member of the Hopping club and one of her rabbits has pinworms. This has happened before (with a different rabbit). Since there can be lots of rabbits at events or practises, and we don't always know how healthy they all are, would it be a good idea to deworm the rabbits on a regular basis?

How often should it be done? We have practises monthly with events usually once a month but it can be more. There usually aren't other animals around, but some events do have dog, cat and some farm animals (mainly petting zoos but can be cows or horses too).

What would be a good thing to use? Most members have at least 3 rabbits, but some have more, so cost can be a factor. There are feed stores around, but I don't know about brands.

How much to give? I know this can vary from product to product, but does it make a difference if they don't have worms.

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