Pregnant or?!

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Nov 15, 2018
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Hi guys! I have 3 bunnies, two females and a male. Ten days ago, I got my male neutered. Females to come. Sadly, about a month ago, my male rabbit escaped his pen and managed to get in contact with my females (who are in a different room). Abt two weeks after, the girls started showing signs of pregnancy... digging like crazy, starting to dislike each other, having fuller bellies, making a nest... I palpated them, and both definitely had tiny babies inside of them. Anyhow, a few days ago, one of my female started acting really hormonal. Like making buzzing sounds like she's so excited always, wanting to hump my arm, etc... can a pregnant rabbit act like this?! I'm so confused. When she saw my male tonight(I wanted to test her reaction), she really wanted to hump him too (when a week ago, she screamed in his presence like most pregnant does do) I'm so confused!!!
Can anyone help with their knowledge?


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Jan 11, 2019
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Hi, if it was a false pregnancy doe starts nesting and showing sights on day 17 from when she had a contact and goes back to normal in a couple days. One of my girls had false pregnancy twice she acted really crazy after it was gone, after first time she's even got seriously sick after being over excited it was scary.

In your situation if you know the escaping date just add 28 days from then and give her a nesting box if she's nesting just in case, if it was false she will lose interest in it after a couple days. For palpation it is not easy if you have no experience, maybe what you are feeling are babies maybe it's just her poo-line. Anyway, if she had her day 17 already it's just about one week until the actual day, if any, so just wait and see.

Pregnant doe usually won't let a male to mount her never heard of a pregnant doe humping honestly. Anyway, you will know for sure pretty soon