Pregnant 2yo dies after vet visit.

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Dec 7, 2019
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Hi all, new here, but have owned bunnies for most of my life. A couple of day ago I noticed one of our 2yo lop does was not pooing at all, and was not moving around much, except for sudden changes of position. We had 5 rabbits at the time, and all feed on a good rabbit mix feed and natural grasses during the day, hay is also available as we live in a farming area. I suspected the deadly Gi stasis, so rushed her off to the nearest vet, some 60kl away, as I am aware when a bunny stops pooing, it requires urgent attention. We left her with the vet for 5 hours as they were busy. They called me and said''your rabbit is heavily pregnant, probably due to give birth at any time, as we have done an ultrasound''. I asked about the not pooing and they said they would prescribe some ''pain '' medication to help with that. I questioned the diagnosis regarding the pooing, as I have had dozens of pregnant rabbits over the years and they don't stop going to the toilet just because they are having babies. I'm not aware of any other humans or animals that do either. The vet visit was last Thursday, and she passed away yesterday, after showing no improvement. I am sure she must have had stasis, or some related issue that was diagnosed incorrectly by this vet. We do take our small dog there, but I won't waste my time taking anymore rabbits to them in future. $100 fee and you still end up with a dying bunny. Some vets simply do not understand rabbits. If it not a dog or a cat, you may as well self treat. IMO.


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Jan 8, 2011
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It sounds like your vet may not have been rabbit savvy. Many small animal vets aren’t. I would look for a vet who handles exotics.
We got to where we handled rabbit health issues ourselves and only went to a vet for something out of the ordinary.

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