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Mar 23, 2020
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Plano TX
I’m trying to figure out the possibility colors for a litter of rabbits I have on the way. The buck is a Californian (pointed white) and the doe I can’t pin point the exact color I’m guessing broken chestnut. The does mom is a broken tricolor and dad is a chestnut. The does sister is a broken red. I am just wondering the possible colors.

The does sister is also hopefully pregnant (we bred her a few weeks ago and rebred the next day but she started honking again a week after so we put her back in with a different buck since the original one decided he didn’t want to do anything. The second buck (The Californian) did end up doing a couple fall offs on her.) The first buck is a magpie harlequin (it isn’t prefect stripes so I could be called a different thing). I am also wondering the possibilities of either buck on her as well.

I have a basic idea of the possibilities but I am having a hard time pin pointing what genetics they may have and everything.

Thanks! I appreciate the help!

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