Possibility of failed bonding?

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Jan 28, 2021
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I brought in my second rabbit last week (female, 2 months old, unspayed). My first rabbit is male, 9 months old & neutered, he seems to be depressed since i brought in the baby bunny.
1. No diet change but his poops become smaller, uneven shape and most of the times its soft (cecotropes)
2. He likes to cuddle and lick me but suddenly he became aggressive
I have not done much for bonding as for now they were separated. Once a day i will bond them in neutral space. At first, they were okay groom each other a bit, but now he will chase the baby bunny and they will end up fighting and now the baby bunny is scared of him.
Should i give up and return the baby bunny ASAP? i feel bad for my first rabbit.


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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
If you can return the baby, I would suggest doing so. It is not advised to attempt to bond a baby with an adult. Even if they happened to get along, it would, at best, only last until her hormones kick in. Then anything can happen. As it is now, they already aren't getting along. That doesn't bode well for any future bonding. If you decide to keep her, you'd need to put them in totally separate areas (different rooms preferably) until she's old enough to be spayed. Then you'd have to wait until after she's spayed ... and then healed... before you could slowly begin to try to bond them... no guarantees of them bonding after that either.

The simpler way to find a bondmate for your neutered boy, is to allow him to choose that bondmate by having him meet other fixed rabbits to pre-screen for potential compatibility.

The following page on my website should help explain your options in more detail: