Pokey on the bed

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Sep 17, 2019
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Pennsylvania, United States
My roommate brings Pokey into his bedroom every day for personal cuddle/play time with him.
(He does this with Gus, too, but Gus is more attached to me, so I am the one who takes him out to play one-on-one more often.)
She's done this for a long time with no problems, but recently she's started peeing on the bed!
I told him I think he has her in there too long without a place to pee.
He sometimes has her in there for 45 minutes to an hour without a bathroom break.
She never poops on the bed or his floor, she still doesn't; she's very good about only pooping in her litter box.
She usually never pees outside of her litter box either, which is why I think she just really has to pee.
She also keeps peeing in the same spot on the bed even after he's cleaned it as well as he possibly can.
She can probably still smell it even if we can't, or maybe she just likes that spot.
He doesn't scold her or anything, just moves her back into her pen so she can use her litter box.
I really just think he should do that earlier. 45-60 minutes is probably too long without a bathroom break.
Not really looking for advice, unless you don't think this is the problem. Or if you know of the best product for cleaning bunny pee stains out of a mattress.
Just wanted to share. And also to show this cute little sequence I took of her bracing for pets.

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