Please help fostering my bunny (jersey city/nyc)

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Oct 19, 2012
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Arlington, Texas, USA
Hello all,

I need to find a temporary home for my bunny in Jersey City/ NYC as soon as possible, possibly 3 months until August.

I was planning on taking my bunny (Brownie) with me to Vietnam as I'm relocating back to Vietnam. I've prepared for this trip for a long time and have been checking with all of the parties involved. However, at the airport, Brownie was refused to board as the airline said they need his rabies vaccination records (which is not true as rabbits in the US rabbits are not vaccinated for rabies)

I begged them but they didnt chang their mind so I had to leave him behind with my cousin. However, my cousin is going back home in a week as well so I need to find somebody who can look after my bunny until my cousin come back to the State.

Brownie is a very healthy 4 yrs old Holland Lop, super friendly (he loves to lick and kiss people). I'm heartbroken as I'm so far away from him and cant do anything.

Please let me know if you or any one you know can help!

Thank you!