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Apr 26, 2007
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For RAW (Rabbit Awareness Week in the UK) my RSPCA have asked me to do something to promote rabbit welfare and I thought accommodation might be a good thing to focus on (got other stuff too, but minimal for accommodation).

I'm looking for pictures of people's accommodation's that are at least 50sqft if outside (so shed's and runs, aviary's, walk in enclosures, hutches and runs, etc), and inside, are large and the bunnies have their own personal space (so large NIC Grid cages, bunny rooms, bases- like dog crates- and then puppy pen attachments, etc).

Also, I'm looking to put together a display at the Centre showing good examples of accommodation and suggestions for what people can do for their bunnies. I may also include them in the Info pack in due course.

If anyone has any pictures of their accommodation that they are willing for me to use, could you please e-mail me at attaching the picture/s? (i.e. don't reply on the thread, I need everything saved in my e-mail inbox so that I can show the appropriate people who may ask).

Also, could you please copy and paste and add your name on the following statement (potentially deleting bits if you don't want your pictures used for one situation, but are willing for the other) and put that in the e-mail too.

'I, (insert name), give permission for these pictures to be used by RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch to help promote Rabbit Awareness Week, and also used to help to inform and educate people about different types of suitable rabbit accommodation that are available.


(insert name)'.

Thanks guys in advance to anyone that is able to help.

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